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Henri Jannot (1909-2004)


Henri Jannot - Henri Jannot, Etienne Hajdu, Félix Vallotton, MAMCS Strasbourg 2016-2017
Henri Jannot - Henri Jannot, Etienne Hajdu, Félix Vallotton, MAMCS Strasbourg 2016-2017
Henri Jannot - La bâche rouge et blanche 1927
Henri Jannot - La Femme au fauteuil
Henri Jannot - Intérieur en Anjou
Henri Jannot - Mélancolie 1942
Henri Jannot - Le canal de l`Ourcq 1945
Henri Jannot - Nature morte à la bougie
Henri Jannot - Le Puy de Dôme vu de Sauvagnat
Henri Jannot - La table de la cuisine

Document sans nom

1926: Henri Jannot between the fine arts as a student in the workshop (Lucien Simon)

1932: Henri Jannot is presented by Adolphe Basler exhibition "of less than thirty years."

1934: During 1934 two exhibitions "painters of reality in Seventeenth-Century France" and "The Dwarf" paintings and drawings "at the palace deep young painters. At the request of the painter Charles Dufresne, Francis Gruber. Organize a room at the "Salon des Tuileries" with a central panel works Jannot, Humblot and Rohner.
Group Exhibition Gallery Carmine. (The life of Ms. Venus) alongside Gruber, Humblot, Despierre ect.

1935: Jannot founded Humblot, Lasne, Rohner, Pellan and Tal Coat, compiled by the critic Henri Héraut the "Forces Nouvelles" affirming the urgent need for "return to the drawing" of a return to business dedicated to tradition.

1936: January: 1st Exhibition of New Generation created by Henri Heraut Galerie Jean Charpentier.
Exhibition "New Forces" Vorms-Billiet Gallery, presented by the Spanish writer Eugenio d'Ors which does not participate or Tal Coat Pellan. Young people are now defended by Raymond Cogniat, Jacques Lassaigne, Michel Florisoone.
1938: Participates in the second exhibition of "New Generation" Galerie Billiet Vorms-manifesto, entitled Henry Heraut break ¨ ¨ countersigned by 23 of the 36 exhibitors.

1939 The New Forces broke.

1991: Retrospective at the Museum of Montbard Gold Coast.
1994: Retrospective Cultural Center Nicolas Pomel Issoire Puy de Dome.

During his career JANNOT presented his works throughout the world in exhibitions in galleries, museums, exhibitions such as the retrospective exhibition of French Artists in 1983.


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