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Arthur DORVAL (1987)


Document sans nom

Arthur Dorval sees his painting as a coloured vibration. Fascinated by geometric abstraction, its balance and the power of form, he has imposed a unique language with colour.

Arthur Dorval was born in 1987. He lives and works in Lisbon. Steeped in the art world since his childhood, Arthur Dorval has been fascinated from an early age by abstract painting. After studying illustration and design, he has concentrated his love for the model and his passion for colour towards an artistic reinvention of the geometric image.

From the start in 2010 he has developed a technique skilfully combining plays of colours and forms, in a principle of construction and balance imagined by a care for detail and perfection.

Comparable to “painted sculptures” his Geometric Bursts give rise to compositions vibrant with sensitivity and energy in which fundamental open and closed forms fit together in new volumes, carried by working with colours and transparency freeing a new architecture which may or may not be credible.

A modern vision of geometric art, Arthur Dorval’s Eclosions also resonate with a futurist imprint. They place the artist among the most promising talents of constructed art.


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