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Kim Hamisky (1943 2002)


Kim Hamisky - Sans titre 1964
Kim Hamisky - Sans titre 1964
Kim Hamisky - Sans titre 1964

Document sans nom

A painter by training, Hamisky started as an artist of lyrical abstraction. During this period of lyrical abstraction he exhibited at the galerie Arnaud – Paris works where the love of craft techniques such as wood and sculpted lacquer was used to give his work an appearance of perfection. His paintings had a surface that is marvellously impeccable through which the background is visible, creating in this way the impression of a tear or of damage to the painting.

In 1969 the son and brother of Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne respectively, his attention inevitably turned towards sculpture. Over the years, the key of his iconography was modification of the functionality of objects as well as reference to a previous human action, as is brilliantly shown in his famous bronze “knot” and The Janus Complex.

During the 1980s, Hamisky created a series of human heads, often using Japanese theatre and the Art Deco style as a starting point. His heads are reminiscent of mythological archetypes as well as of powerful magic rituals.


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