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Georges Rohner (1913-2000)


Georges Rohner - Baigneuse  la Guadeloupe

Document sans nom

Rohner was born in Paris in 1913. His uncle, Georges Stugocki, a drawing teacher, very early initiated him to fine arts and contributed to  the development of the child’s passionate temper in that direction.

In 1929, he leaves High School in order to compete for the «Galeries» of the Fine Art School of Paris, where he was admitted. A year later, he is accepted as a student at the worshop of Lucien Simon, the same year as Richard Humblot, Jacques Despierre and Henri Jannot. Under the impulse of the art critic Henri Hérault, he became associated with Jannot, Lasne, the Canadian native Alfred Pellant, and Pierre Tal-Coat, to create the movement « Forces Nouvelles»,  which advocates a return to drawing, a return to some kind of craft aware of the integrity of tradition, involving a fervent contact with nature.

In 1932, his  desire for independence leads him to leave the Fine Arts School and to rent a studio with Richard Humblot. He visits Spain and the Netherlands, where he discovers the city of Amsterdam. While serving in the army in Guadeloupe, he decorates the City-Hall of the town of Basse-Terre. In 1940, he is made a war prisoner and interned at Trier, where he decorates the Stalag Chapell. From this work, he will keep « Le Christ aux prisonniers » (« Christ with Prisoners »).

In 1959, he is posted as an assistant at the Fine Arts School, and awarded the « Légion d’Honneur » (the highest French award). He goes on with his career in 1962 and becomes a drawing and colour professor at the National Superior School of Decorative Arts. In 1963, he receives the «Order of the Arts and Letters Award». In 1963, Georges Rohner is elected at the Fine Arts Academy, where he occupies the seat of Ingres. In 1987, a retrospective of his work is held at the Fine Arts Museum in Quimper.


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