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Frank Duminil (né en 1933)


Frank Duminil - Déplacements d`Aube I
Frank Duminil - Déplacements inscrits XIV
Frank Duminil - Traversée II
Frank Duminil - Sans titre

Document sans nom

1933-1953 Franck Duminil  was born in Paris, December 27, 1933. During the war, partial exodus
with comings and goings between Paris, Pau and Cauterets.

1954-1958 Education at the Fine Arts School in architecture, succesively in Bordeaux and Paris  at the studios Ferré and Pingusson-Philippe.

1959-1962 Military service.

1963-1967 Works as a drawer in architecture studios, particularly at Arretche and Max Tournier. At the same time, he follows the teaching of Jean Prouvé at the Museum College of Applied Sciences , and begins exhibiting his paintings, as early as 1963.
1968 Stops working at architects’ studios to get his own art studio in Neuilly. He then dedicates himself totally to painting, and creates a few monumental works.

1969-1982 As a second wedding, he gets married to Maruja, of Chilean origin, in 1972. Numerous exhibitions. Following one of those exhibitions, he has a correspondence with painter Georges Mathieu.

1983-1993 Settles in Montmartre. Beginning of a frienship with sculptor Jean Suzanne, with whom he will frequently hold exhibitions,particularly at the AA Gallery.

1994 Publication of a monography, prefaced by Xavier Xuriguera,  Garnier-Nocera Publisher. Exhibitions in Paris, New-York, and Geneva.

1995-2002 His works is exhibited in numerous art galleries, in France and abroad.


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