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Roger Desserprit (1925-1985)


Roger Desserprit - Sans titre 1958

Document sans nom


Since 1950, the artist has exhibited at the Salon of New Realities. This event has taken place at the Palace of Fine Arts (Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris) for four years, and is firmly committed to the path of "abstract / concrete / constructivist / non-figurative" art, as the catalog specifies. Proponents of a geometric art predominated. Besides the founding president Fredo Sidès, the Committee of the Show, renewed in 1947, gathered the member artists : Arp, Besançon, Sonia Delaunay, Dewasne, Gleizes, Gorin, Pevsner. Parallel to the exhibition catalog an annual issue entitled New Realities was coming out. The texts were short, with many aphorisms, as well as reproductions of the works presented.

As a members, Roger Desserprit, exhibited several paintings. Fernand Léger noticed white Structure { # 1 ) madi kind. He also found support from Pevsner, Closon, Herbin, Sonia Delaunay and Kupka especially. He displayed as well his first sculpture at the New Realities : Spatial Structure (No. 22 ) - dated 1953 – sculpture in the round whose wood framing is not noticeable, considering the great efforts made on the finishing by the artist.

Paintings, in a "currency size" very low relief, designed by Desserprit in 52-53 years, are all variations on the capture of light - natural this time. The frame’s aperture is an integral part of the composition as well as the different densities introduced into the structure of the work. The color tends to disappear in favor of shades of gray, satiny paste.

Only ocher or deep blue solids, sometimes warmed by some gold or silver carvings reveal the mastery of the organization of the pictorial surface and reflect the assimilation of a skill that has not been undermined over time.


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