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DIETRICH-MOHR (1924 – 2016)


 DIETRICH-MOHR - Le Cuirassé 1958
 DIETRICH-MOHR - Deus ex Machina 1960
 DIETRICH-MOHR - Croissance simple 1964
 DIETRICH-MOHR - Connivence 2003

Document sans nom

The work of Dietrich-Mohr (a sculptor of German origin, born in Düsseldorf in 1924) has quite  a singular relationship with the outside world.
Indeed, a first sensation, that of any curious visitor- comes from  the work itself, seen from afar : volumes which are often angular , some of them penetrated by voids  through which  light passes ; the ligt is then channelled by alveoli,  or are  reflected on the many  horizontal or vertical flat strips of metal, or lamella.  And of course, this perception  changes according to the distance, the artificial  or natural lightingt, and also the viewing angle, which is of present case is of particular importance, not just atruism
We are not in an abstract world, in front of works resulting from a systematic artistic  research and  which refuse all reference to the outside world (cf.the work of Hans Hartung), or which reveal a process of elaboration (Fr Morellet, RP Lohse ...) or even swhich quitte simply assert themselves as creative gesture (for example" composition"  and Oeuvre  - there have been so many examples over such a long time). We are in a world of artistic shapes rooted in a sensuality that is masked by great modesty.  which an exceptional openness to nature and a rather original reading of geometry

Bernard Fauchille
Directeur honoraire des Musées de Montbéliard.
Extrait du catalogue  ( Dietrich-Morhr Lumière captée)
Musée d’Art, Histoire et Archéologie d’Évreux


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