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Jean Aujame (1905-1965)


Jean Aujame - Femme Debout
Jean Aujame - Francis au verre de vin 1947
Jean Aujame - Conversation de laves au bord de l`eau 1950
Jean Aujame - Coup de vin des deux amis 1952
Jean Aujame - Le vin rosé de Sauvagnat 1955
Jean Aujame - Le Pèlerin de la paix 1956
Jean Aujame - Jeux d`enfants 1956
Jean Aujame - L`Alchimiste 1957
Jean Aujame - Chevelure
Jean Aujame - Nature morte à la lanterne 1958

Document sans nom


1905 Born  in Aubusson (Creuse), May 16.
1919 Lycée Michelet in Paris. Meets René Huyghe.
1922- 23 School of Fine Arts, Rouen.
1927-29 Service militaire.
1931 First exhibition,  Drouant Gallery.
1932 Exhibition at the Zborowski Gallery.  Then a period of pictorial realism  follows, marked by exhibitions at the Sperenza Gallery.
1935 Paul Guillaume Award, which establishes his reputation.
1936 Selected for the Venice Biennial.
1938 Decorations (Lycée de Valenciennes) show his  interest in the issue of murals.
1939 Selected for an exhibition devoted to French art in Buenos Aires. Must join the army in September.
1944 First exhibition after his return from captivity, at the Berri-Raspail Gallery.
1945 Individual or group exhibitions at the Berri-Raspail Gallery.
1947 Exhibition in New York organized by the French Embassy.
1948 Exhibitions at the Berri-Raspail Gallery and in London. Decorations for different steamliners («Le Liberté», smoking- room of «Le Cambodge», hall of «La Marseillaise»).
1949 Hallmark Award. Establishes his second home in Sauvagnat-Sainte Marthe (Puy- de- Dôme).
1951 Singer Polignac Award.  A series of abstract experiments.
1952 Exhibition at the Montmonrency Gallery.
1959 Foreman of the mural-art workshop at the School of Fine Arts in Paris.                             
1961 Selected for the Venice Biennial, where he meets with Max Ernst.
1962 Exhibition at the Art de France Gallery, as well as the Persier Gallery.
1964 Exhibition  at the Athénée Museum in Geneva.
1965 Exibition of watercolour paintings at the Persier Gallery.

After his death, many exhibitions have made it possible to discover his works.


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